Grieskirchen – the smart brewing town since the early Middle Ages. At that time in Grieskirchen 4 breweries were settled. Two of them were already located at the area of the current brewery. The master brewers were also farmers. Therefore they supplied the community not onliny with beer, but also with milk.


The first proofs ob beer brewing in Grieskirchen date back to 1569. In the former parish documents two “Burgers und Bierpreus” (citizens and brewers), Michael Baumgartner and Wolfgang Schachenpauer, are mentioned.
In 1708 an 1714 the first documentary evicencde was drafted. The houses no. 19 an 21 – current brewery buildings – were marked as brewhouse in the tax register of empress Maria Theresia. The other two breweries were settled in current inns of the town Grieskirchen.


In 1776 a hard beer dispute occured in Grieskirchen. Although the civic brewerys of Grieskirchen made proper business, only the aristocratic breweries of the castles Parz and Tollet were allowed to supply the inns of the town. So the civic breweries accused the aristocrats at the federal government and could gain the official right to supply all inns with beer. In return they promised:


At the beginning of the 19th century the GRIESKIRCHNER brewery was the most eastern, Bavarian wheat beer brewery. One can still finde the former border stone in the backyard of the town hall of Grieskirchen. 1868 Lord Friedrich Revertera bought the two civic breweries in town and thus created the first industrial enterprise in Grieskirchen. In 1908 122 innkeepers acquired the whole enterprise and formed a brewery association.


Since the second half of the 20th century the GRIESKIRCHNER beer – brewerd with long tradition – has become known also far beyond the district’s borders. The brewery has always aimed to create and implement new ideas on the market and that’s why it was the first brewery in Austria to brew Pils or dare to produce Radler in bottles about 50 years ago.
The ambition and passion of the brewers has continuously been rewarded. The GRIESKRICHNER brewery already won numerous national and international rewards for its outstanding beer quality (e.g. best Austrian Pils – Falstaff 96 points 2013, 3x Culinarix in Gold 2014 – Pils, Radler & Jörger Weisse dunkel, DLG Gold 2017 – Pils & Märzen).
In August 2013 entrepreneur Dr. Marcus Mautner Markhof took over the GRIESKIRCHNER brewery und thus started a new era in brewery history. The brewery’s flagship is the GRIESKIRCHNER Pils. It’s definitvely the favorite of the GRIESKIRCHNER brewers and they tell about their brewing philosophy:
We love the old, but well-proven brewing technique! We pay attention of the highest quality of our raw materials – special malt types and also sometimes more expensive hops – because you can for sure taste the difference!“
One thing that further distinguishes the GRIESKIRCHNER beer is the excellent yeast, that is bred by the brewers in-house.