Raw materials

Each individual raw material used in brewing GRIESKIRCHNER beer is of fundamental importance in forming the indispensable base for the award-winning quality of our products.
Everything starts with water. We use solely crystal clear spring water, originating from our well some 120 meters beneath the brewery area. This guarantees the purity of our beer taste. On its way to the depth the water absorbs several valuable minerals, that rewards our beer its unique base.


Premium brewing barley gives our beer its full and aromatic taste. Especially for our wheat beer we trustin an insiders tip – the excellent top-quality grain from the local Grieskirchen area.


And last but not least hops is also responsible for a really full-bodied beer. Of course, we use the hops from the hob kings of the Mühlviertel. The rugged grantive landscape of Northern Upper Austria is famous for hop competence, going back as far as the 13th century. Their long experience and highest quality make the hop farmers of the Mühlviertel to an exceptional source for our precious and aromatic hops. Once these top quality raw materials reach our brewery, we leave nothing to chance but instead rely upon the knowledgte, art and skill of our brewing specialits. Now it is their turn to findesse the combination of the different hops and malt species and thus give every beer its individual character. Our brewing specialists link Grieskirchen’s ancient brewing tradition with modern technology, add finest inhouse bred yeast and that way create the unique flavor of our GRIESKIRCHNER beer specialities.

We as GRIESKIRCHNER brewery dedicate ourselves to the supply of every beer lover with exceptional beer specialities. Our highest quality demands are regularly confirmed by awards in international contests. Our daily engagement is rewarded through surpassing beer enjoyment expectations and delighting our customers throughout the world.